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Food and Drink

What are the food options for my child at Nursery?

During the course of a Nursery day we offer regular meals and snacks to our children. Children are encouraged to sit in small groups for eating as sharing mealtimes with friends and teachers helps to build essential social skills for the future.  We can cater for allergies and dietary requirements on request.  We are a nut free school.

Snacks including a drink of milk are included in all paid and funded sessions for all children.  If your child attends funded sessions, you will need to choose to purchase them a meal from St Anne’s Kitchen, or provide them with a healthy packed lunch/tea.

Morning session


Morning snack cafe (a piece of fruit or vegetable with milk or water to drink)


Two course hot lunch provided by St Anne’s Kitchen or a packed lunch

Afternoon session 


Afternoon snack cafe (a piece of fruit or vegetable with milk or water to drink)


Two course tea provided by St Anne’s Kitchen or a packed tea

St Anne’s Kitchen Menus

Please see the menus below or click on the following link to download a copy

St Anne’s Kitchen Autumn-Winter Menus (Nursery)

Packed lunch guidance 

If you choose to provide a packed meal for your Little Learner we recommend following the guidance provided by the NHS ‘Change for Life’ programme and The Children’s Food Trust ‘Eat Better Start Better’ campaign.  We are a nut free  school so please ensure your child’s packed meal does not contain whole or chopped nut or nut ingredients such as peanut butter or nutty cereal bars.

You can find more information by following the links below;

NHS Change for Life ‘Lunchbox ideas’

Children’s Food Trust Packed Lunch Guidance